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Powered by education theory
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Presenting SKIPS

Strengthening Knowledge, Integrating Professional Skills
Powered by Theory

SKIPS is powered by the latest research in business and professional development. Basically, SKIPS is super smart under the hood!

Easy to use

SKIPS doesn't overwhelm busy employees. Professionals are up and running in no time!

Continuous improvement

Employees use SKIPS everyday. Helpful utilities like program & client planners aid the employee while contributing to professional development goals!

Data Driven

SKIPS is all about data. Employees get real-time, continuous feedback about their development, and their supervisors get reports that drive meaningful professional development.

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About Us

We design & develop skill development software systems.
Our mission is to help professional employees improve their craft.

Our work started when Bernadette, one of our founders, created a program which services education professionals developing in their teaching craft. Experience had shown her that she could couple professional development offerings and employee performance measures - with impressive results.

When she decided to take this paper system and scale it to a digital solution, SKIPS was born. The goal of meeting employee demands has always been and continues to be our focus for innovative work environment systems.

Our Team

Meet the team bringing you SKIPS.
Joshua Barron

Josh is a native New Mexican. He attended New Mexico Tech and the University of Colorado for his Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Josh loves all things software, and is the resident software engineer at PLBC. He is also currently employed as a R&D professional at Sandia National Laboratories. Josh grew up around educators having had both of his parents employed by public schools; his first software engineering job was actually creating software to analyze standardized testing data for a school district in New Mexico. Josh lives with his wife in Albuquerque.

Bernadette Broward

Bernadette Broward started on her career path in education twenty years ago. Her formal education years begin with the study of Education Pedagogy and evolved into Special Education Pedagogy with an emphasis on inclusive settings, all at the University of New Mexico. She was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master of Arts Degree in Special Education. She continued to build her professional skills by supporting new Special Education teachers in a Partnership Program with the University of New Mexico and Albuquerque Public Schools in the area of Severe Disabilities. Bernadette continues to investigate how to create rewarding learning environments as she builds her professional library with such literature as Educational Leadership and Council for Exceptional Children. Bernadette participated in the Kellogg Grant Foundation’s “Transition Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten Program” as well as currently founding Share your Care Service Learning Project in the Albuquerque School District, whereby two middle schools collect and donate consumer products to local charities. She is a native New Mexican resident and is married with two adult children that value her passion of servicing their communities.

Greg Orndorff

Greg hails from Southern California and started off attending the University of California, Riverside. His love of New Mexico brought him to Albuquerque where he received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from UNM. Greg taught classes in mathematics and statistics, both during and after graduate school. After a short stint as an actuary with Allstate and USAA, Greg returned to teaching, training students in the use of computers and applications, including web design. From there he has continued his career in Information Technology as a Data Scientist and is currently employed at Sandia National Laboratories. Greg has furthered his involvement in education, sitting on a school board as secretary for many years, and as a volunteer in a school Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program. He has been married over 20 years and has three children, two of whom are now attending college. After being persuaded by his youngest child to join him in Taekwondo, Greg now enjoys participating in classes and tournaments along with his wife, who was also somehow persuaded.

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